Podcast: GM of Telamon Enterprise Ventures on Digital Health Entrepreneurship
By Joanna Augenbergs



Welcome to the ninth installment of Elevar’s Executive Roundtable interview series. These podcasts highlight insights from prominent industry leaders and feature their experiences as well as their perspective on healthcare innovation. The interviews capture emerging trends and solutions in digital health that are transforming the marketplace. Enjoy and check back regularly for future interviews!


We recently sat down with Sunny Lu Williams, General Manager of Medical Solutions and Vice President of Business Development at Telamon Enterprise Ventures. Telamon’s mission is to simplify business by increasing efficiency and streamlining operations for their customers by improving access to healthcare and care delivery transformation. Prior to joining Telamon, Ms. Williams served as the Chief Operating Officer at VoCare, Inc., where she was responsible for operations, supply chain management and new program development. She has over 10 years of operations, business development, entrepreneurship and general management experience. Ms. Williams earned a Bachelor of Liberal Arts from Purdue University, where she was a Hansard Scholar (London School of Economics) and an MBA from IU Kelley School of Business in general management and venture technology.


Thoughts from Sunny:

  • Education for users and ongoing communication is critical to getting customers (i.e. incumbent healthcare organizations) to adopt new technologies.
  • From a partnership aspect, the key thing for a digital health startup to understand is: How does this large health system procure?
  • From a technology standpoint, it is critical for a digital health startup to take a systematic approach and make sure your patient data plugs back into existing systems
  • We as a digital health startup “industry” should continue to strive and ensure that the interface in supporting patient consumer interaction is more on par with traditional consumer technologies.
  • We are not going to disrupt the EMR backbone as this point… but just as any organization needs more customized workflow and better ways to work with data, digital health startups can be that innovation application.
  • A founder or CEO/ CTO that is building a digital health application based on personal experience should absolutely go after patient advocacy groups.
  • A founder or CEO/ CTO building a business process tool or service for healthcare industry should go directly after procurement or purchasing group within an organization. Also take advantage of diversity initiatives and supplier days.
  • The future of healthcare is one of full interoperability, that has leveraged the Internet of Things, that allows for intelligent patient data collection and rules engine prioritization for clinicians/ practitioners that impacts healthcare for the individual.


Tune in to the full podcast for Sunny’s unique perspective on digital health, how startups can approach business development and the future of IoT in healthcare.

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