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MDP Labs gives healthcare and technology entrepreneurs unrivaled exposure to athenahealth’s R&D teams, senior leadership, and a curated network of mentors. Join us in San Francisco this summer to build the next game-changing innovation in health IT – and accelerate your path to an athenahealth partnership or investment.


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Reverse Pitch Day®

Hear athenahealth pitch healthcare’s most pressing needs!


Reverse Pitch Day® took place on June 13th, 2017 at athenahealth’s SOMA offices in San Francisco. Over 200 entrepreneurs were in attendance at this standing-room only event, where Jason Bornhorst, athenahealth Executive Director of Product Strategy (former CEO of Patient IO), pitched key healthcare challenges that athenahealth is looking to solve and called on innovators to step up to the challenge of changing the status quo in healthcare. There was also a lively panel, moderated by Dr. Jan Gurley with guest speakers from Redox, Echo Health Ventures and Dignity Health. Thanks everyone for coming out and kicking off MDP Labs! We encourage all health tech disruptors and digital health entrepreneurs to apply to the program. Let’s unbreak healthcare together.


Weren’t able to make it to Reverse Pitch Day®? No worries. Here’s a recording of the Reverse Pitch.

Problem Statements

1 Empower the patient: With deductibles and co-insurance on the rise, how do we give patients the proper tools and resources to take an active role in their care?
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2 Address the shift to alternative payment models: How can we leverage technology to enable providers and healthcare organizations to more efficiently manage bundled payments and other risk-bearing programs?
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3 Make care truly on-demand: With the increasing influence of the “on-demand” economy, what tech-enabled platforms can help meet this consumer preference within healthcare?
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4 Improve the productivity of the care team: As provider shortages increase (i.e. overworked providers), how can we leverage technology to improve efficiency and automate both administrative and clinical tasks?
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5 Reduce unnecessary admin costs: As the ratio of administrative workers to clinicians continues to increase, what technologies can reduce this overhead and cut down unnecessary variation and costs?
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6 Build a hospital in the cloud: How do we replace the archaic, pre-internet technologies that currently dominate hospital IT and bring healthcare into the digital age?
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7 Break down data silos: How can we make the siloed data sets and technologies that exist in healthcare today truly interoperable, with the goal of creating a universal data network?
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8 Protect healthcare data: With the increasing threat of cyber hackers, how do we ensure patient and financial data can be shared securely, without ending up in the wrong hands?
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9 Foster preventive and holistic care: As the industry begins to recognize the importance of behavioral health and wellness in keeping patients healthy and costs down, what technologies and platforms can help address this need?
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10 Build the next big healthcare innovation: If your solution does not fit into any of the previous categories, do you have a disruptive healthcare idea that can change the industry?

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